Introducing FreezeCycle: Wetsuit Recycling Scheme

We are pretty stoked to announce that we have a new recycling partner; Freezeproshop.

About Freeze

Born in Scotland from a love of exploring the mountains and oceans, Freeze have always been empowered by the knowledge that the right equipment lets you enjoy more and go further. They are driven by a desire to share knowledge and deliver the best service to their customers, whether they are in the store, or half the world away.

Freeze understand that the environment is a crucial element to the activities we all love, and they are striving to reduce their impact and create a positive change in the outdoor industry.

“We ride our gear” is one of the taglines of the shop. (Well, someone has a dream job! Can I have an internship as a “board tester” please?) All the Freeze staff are experienced surfers, skiers and snowboarders and they pride themselves on being able to provide an excellent service to their customers as a result.

Those who enjoy nature, also tend to protect it.

It’s not uncommon, that people who surf, snowboard or enjoy any other outdoors sport tend to be environmentalists and strive for conservation of our natural resources. If you love it, protect it. It’s a no-brainer. Plenty of environmentally oriented businesses are indeed founded and run by surfers, climbers, sailors and other outdoor lovers.

We were delighted when Mark & Marty from Freeze reached out to us asking if Loved&Upcycled would like to be a part of their wetsuit recycling scheme. Despite the fact we had a bit of wetsuit backlog we couldn’t say no to this amazing initiative. It’s awesome to see retailers promoting re-use and upcycling.

Wetsuit recycling scheme: here is how it works…

Freeze will be collecting your old neoprene at their shop in Edinburgh and sending it on to us to get upcycled. Hopefully you’ll sleep easy knowing your old wetsuit will be put to good use, but Freeze will also sweeten the deal by offering you a 10% discount on any wetsuit in stock in exchange for your used neoprene. We’ll also offer a 15% discount on our Loved&Upcycled online store when you donate your old neoprene.

For the time being, Freeze will be starting out with in-store drop offs only, but if the scheme is successful, they’ll launch a UK-wide in the very near future.

Check the Freeze website & social media for more details or don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us if you have any burning questions.





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