Products with history: Sea Through tote bag

All our products have history. Before they were remade into bags, laptop cases and wallets, they brought their owners (surfers, sailors, cyclists...) a lot of joy.

I've got this wonderful sail from my friend Rory, who coaches the Irish Olympic sailing team. It sailed at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. After a few more years of use, it became too damaged for professional use.

Once I started with Loved & Upcycled, Rory was happy to give it to me as he wanted to divert it from sad ending in landfill. I got it plus a sail bag, which I remade into Totes tote bag last year (sorry, all sold out really quick!)

This year I finally got to process this large and beautiful sail and SeaThrough totes were born.

Trimmed with neon orange detailing and a beige pocket made from dacron and rip-stop from kitesurfing kites, this tote is a perfect companion for a day at the beach. Inspired by the awesome weather we've had in Ireland in last few weeks.


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