Introducing: Pockets full of water

Do you like our new video?

We are pretty stoked with it.

Thanks go to our friend and ambassador Giles Carrey, who is a founder and owner of a grass-root production company called Pockets Full of Water (aka PFoW). Giles was working with us from the very start, so most of the photos on our website and social network are his work.

Giles is a passionate surfer, digital nomad, photographer and videographer. You can catch him surfing and working around Bundoran or Cork in Ireland or driving around Europe in Pepino (his orange & white van) filming surfers, musicians, adventurers and capturing the beautiful nature around him.

Photos speak more than words, check the PFOW website and Instagram and feel free to get in touch with them, whether you want to get nice pics from your surf-sesh or promotional video for your business.

His assistant Jester is will melt your heart!

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