3 movies to motivate you to go plastic free (not only) this July.

Happy plastic free July! If you are struggling to find motivation to kick the plastic habit, we've prepared a list of movies for you to watch. Enjoy, share with your friends&family and say no to single use plastic!

A Plastic ocean

A team of the world's top scientists & leading filmmakers reveal the causes and consequences of plastic pollution and share solutions. Beautifully shot and touching, be prepared to shed a tear or two...

Bag it

This movie tells the story of "an average guy from Colorado" Jeb Berrier, who investigates the effects of our disposable plastic habits on human health. It's very educational, full of comedy gold and strange facts! For example, did you know that contaminants from plastic in our environment can impact men's sperm count? Well we didn't! Now we do!

Divide in Concord

This documentary follows the a battle of an 84 year old lady (self professed "warrior"), who wants to ban bottled water in her small American town after she learns about the disastrous environmental effect of plastics from her grandson. Well edited, humorous and with one clear message; a single individual CAN make a huge impact.


If you liked Plastic Oceans, then you'll love Blue the film. "Our Ocean has been the guardian of life on Earth. Now it is our turn to be guardians for the ocean". How can we argue with that message?!

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