Beach trends: what's hot and what's not

Summer is here. Are you beach ready?

Check our guide to see what's hot and what's not this year and get the 2017 beach-babe look!


Be a keeper:

Having a picnic at the beach? Awesome, keep your litter, dispose of it properly and keep our Oceans clean. Buy re-usable coffee cups and water bottles instead of single-use ones. Stylish beach babes around the globe are sipping their coffee from a Keep-cup, are you?

Go without:

Less is more, none even better! Especially when it comes to packaging, disposable cups and plastic bags. If you are having a BBQ on the beach or going camping, plan it a little in advance. Prepare everything and avoid using disposable products and packaging.


This is the hottest trend this summer. Check the 2minutebeachclean website and get the look. It takes only 2 minutes a day! Don't forget to post on Instagram with #2minutebeachclean to show your progress...


Beach butts:

Enjoying a smoke on the beach, fine. Your health, your call. But have the courtesy and do not leave the butts behind you. Bin them or take them home with you. Cigarette butts are the most common type of litter on Earth, can take up to 10 -15 years to decompose. They harm birds and marine life, who mistake them for food and die as a result. No buts, no ifs ... butts do not belong on the beach!

Single & disposable wasters:

Disposable bbq, single use cutlery, plastic cups, plastic straws, few cans, broken glass and of course, a pile of beach butts is all that's left after a sunny day on the beach. Harmless fun in the sun? Nope. Just a sign of stupid and very unattractive behaviour.

Dog poo bags:

This is a whole new breed of specials. If you want to look like a total tool, you can do so in two easy steps:

Step 1: Pick a poo after your dog.

Step 2: Chuck it back on the ground all nicely wrapped in a plastic bag.

Not sure where this trend came from and why, but shite-bags on the beach and in the nature are definitely not in and nobody likes to see them. Shame on you, seriously!

If our guide was not rubbish enough, here is a video an of Irish comedian & author Colm O'Regan talking even more rubbish:

Stay stylish, stay classy & have a great Summer!


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