5 movies to watch this Fashion Revolution week

With Fashion revolution week in full swing, here are 5 top documentaries on how fast fashion is made and what it costs to keep retail prices low. Go get some popcorn, invite your friends over and don't forget to ask #whomademyclothes.

Photo source: fashionrevolution.org

The True Cost

Documentary (2015), 92 mins

"From the brightest runways to the darkest slums..." Who are the real fashion victims and who pays the real price for cheap clothes? Find out in this eye-opening documentary.

Filmed in countries all over the world and featuring interviews with the world’s leading influencers including Stella McCartney, Livia Firth and Vandana Shiva, you will think twice before buying that new t-shirt for 5 EUR after watching this movie.

Where to watch: Netflix or Amazon

The Next Black

Documentary (2014), 45 mins

This short and sweet documentary explores the future of clothing. Are we going to keep the harmful trend of mass-consumption in fashion or will we return to seek quality and alternative environment and human-friendly technologies. What are the driving forces behind new technologies, innovation and materials which will be used to make clothes? Are we going to wear clothes made from mushrooms, pineapples and marine plastic debris? Documentary features top managers and innovators from companies like Patagonia, Biocouture Ltd, Adidas etc.

Where to watch: YouTube

Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price

Documentary (2005), 99 mins

What does it cost to keep low prices? And who pays the most? This film exposes Wal-Mart's business practices through interviews with former employees, small business owners, and footage of Walmart executives.

Where to watch: YouTube

The Machinists

Documentary (2010), 52 mins

A pre- Rana Plaza documentary showing exploitation of garment workers in Bangladesh through stories of three female Bangladeshi garment workers from Dhaka to portray the human cost of western high street fashion. Unpaid overtime, unsafe working conditions, low wages. How long will this go on before their human rights are observed?

Where to watch: YouTube

The Sweatshop

TV reality show (2015) - 2 seasons of 5 mini-episodes

What happens if you send three young Norwegian fashion bloggers to work in a Cambodian sweat-shop for one month?

Finally a useful reality show!

Where to watch: online (in Norwegian with English subtitles) Sweatshop Season 1 and Sweatshop Season 2.

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