Fashion Revolution Week 2017 - what, when and why

Fashion Revolution Week is a world-wide campaign happening in the last week of April with the aim to change the way the fashion industry works and the way we perceive and buy fashion.


when: 24TH-30TH APRIL 2017


It happens each year since the tragic collapse of Bangladeshi Rana Plaza garment factory, where 1,138 people were killed and many more injured on 24th April 2013.

The goal of Fashion Revolution Week is to raise awareness of millions of people around the globe and make them demand a greater transparency in the fashion supply chain by inviting them to ask a simple question: "Who made my clothes?"

‘Who made my clothes?’

This revolution recruits its revolutionaries on social media. People around the world post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram a picture tagging their favourite brands and asking #whomademyclothes. Designers, academics, writers, business leaders and parliamentarians call for systemic reform of the fashion supply chain.

Why is Fashion revolution so badly needed?

Fashion has its real victims: They are called human rights and the environment.

Rana Plaza Garment Factory wasn't the only factory where textile workers worked in dangerous conditions. Little wages, exhausting working hours, unsafe work-environment and child labor are the daily grind for these people. On top of that, the fashion industry is among the biggest environmental polluters. This happens so that big textile companies can minimise their costs and sell "cheap fashion" to the masses...does that sound good to you? Not at all!

So, what can you do to change this?

  • Join Fashion revolution 2017

  • Tag your brand on social media and ask them #whomademyclothes

  • Become a part of the movement and join an event near you.

  • Share a love-story about your favourite clothing item and explain, why you want to keep wearing it as long as possible.

  • Buy less, make it last, shop vintage, up-cycle and always ask "who made it, how was it made and what is it made of!

instructions booklets here

Follow Fashion Revolution on:

To find events near you check:


In Ireland check a Redress FashRev page!

And of course, keep on reading our blog :)

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