I'm a passionate surfer, environmentalist and maker. 

In January 2015, I've swapped a city life and my career in Google for a quieter life in the Westcoast of Ireland and a year later, I've launched Loved & Upcycled. 

My motto is: "Good life does not have to cost the Earth" and I'm trying to live by it as much as possible. 

Veronika Kisela 
Designer & Maker

I'm happiest spending my time in the ocean, on the beach or in the mountains. Nature gives me joy and I want to give back and protect it.


I'm aware that in order to reduce our negative impact on the environment, us humans have to make decisions, act, design, produce and consume in a way that protects the nature and fellow humans instead of exploiting and harming them.


I believe in a strong future of the circular economy and I believe that us, designers and marketers have the power to make change happen.


My passion for circular design makes me enjoy the challenge of creating something new out of what is considered as waste by others.


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